Snakes in NASA!?!?
Caption: Alan The Snake, NASA Employee
Published: 2024-05-23 23:35 | Updated: 2024-07-13 02:11
It was discovered today that the NASA team has a snake named Alan working for them. Can a snake be trusted to put together a rocket? Our experts say no.

“There’s no way a cold blooded reptile can put together all these Rockets. He doesn’t even have opposable thumbs!” - Rocket and Snake Expert, Hope Nasa

We tried to interview Alan the Snake, we found him surrounded by locked chests, possibly hoarding valuable items for himself. He refused to answer our questions about his role at NASA and simply hissed at us repeatedly. Is this really a rocket engineer we can trust to send our children to space?
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blueskiesonly - (Comment ID: 20)
I don't like that you think it's appropriate to discredit a vital member of the space flight crew!!
Posted at: 2024-05-24 15:29
Kotryna - (Comment ID: 22)
You think you have better experts than NASA? #FakeNews
Posted at: 2024-05-24 23:40
Gabriel R.
it's sometimes in the name, "FNO". fake news only, are you stupid or what?
Posted at: 2024-05-30 08:31
Meet me next to the pickle bar, we fist fight over this.
Posted at: 2024-05-30 14:50
tuurdburglansson - (Comment ID: 24)
Was Alan also a part of operation paperclip?
Posted at: 2024-05-26 17:00
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