My sister oprah is a good student
Author: Tiffany
Published: 2024-06-11 04:25 | Updated: 2024-07-13 03:14
I was born as Flower Phat in black family.I had an older sister name Oprah Phat.At first she ask my mama Pearl Phat to help her to make pad.Poor sister want to make pad.As a baby i cant help but as soon i reach the age of 3 i make my way to help her.At first i show her the pen with sheep.Then i find the shears that was missing from the pen.And she shears them.I ask her to copy what i do.She also take a bowl of water.Then she really do it well.At first i make a kindling and light the fire.Then she copy what i am doing.She really can do pad now .Finally I ask her to hold the pad and smile .She smiling at the pad she holding, her hard work.As the time i write this article we still alive in ohol game.
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Gabriel R. - (Comment ID: 39)
that's so awesome! what the fuck kind of last name is "Phat" tho? it sounds like the word "Fat"
Posted at: 2024-06-11 04:14
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