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The Mysterious Construction of Methman Monuments
Players by now may have noticed the silent arrival of Methman monuments around the world. What players may not know is the hours of painstaking labor behind making that happen.

When news came to the OHOL discord server about the death of our dear friend known as Methman, Overlord Jason got to work immediately to honor our late friend. Unfortunately, the statue created in honor and memory of this good friend had been placed at coordinates 0,0 of the OHOL world map. This is dozens of thousands of tiles away from where the OHOL families populate currently.
While not every detail of the trip to the statue and back is known, there are rumors that one brave ghost with multiple personalities honored our fallen friend Methman with an adventure to be regaled for years to come.
And if you happened to spot a brigade of airport employees on one very early morning in late March, just know you were lucky enough to be witnessing history.

Now, as statues honoring the life of a lost friend spread across the OHOL world, we are reminded of the legacy he left behind and just how far we would go to honor it. So when you pass Methman's likeness on the way to stab a mouflon or spot a blueprint for the monument while stealing a truck out of the prop fence, remember the wise words he once would have passed in your direction: "what a clown".
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DopiePanda - (Comment ID: 6)
RIP Methman <3
Posted at: 2024-05-05 14:49
Yikes - (Comment ID: 9)
Game good yet?
Posted at: 2024-05-05 05:02
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