Donny Captured Against His Will
Caption: Donny the wolf incarcerated
Author: Wilma Irwin (AP)
Published: 2024-05-22 21:54 | Updated: 2024-07-13 02:26
May the 22nd, roughly 9:40PM our reporter and witnesses stumbled over a capured wolf named Donny.

Our reporter reached out to the leader who replied:
"I'm not sure who did this. But I dont think they wanted people harm. Do you want to see some REAL animal abuse?"

We will be keeping track on this story as it evolves.
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Kaliegh Skrzypek - (Comment ID: 16)
I made this, he's a good boy and he's there for he's own protection
Posted at: 2024-05-23 13:08
ShadyDeElRatas - (Comment ID: 30)
I was walking around town and saw that Donny was actually out of his cage and he had an arrow in him. Next thing I saw was another poor wolf being brought in. The original Donny was murdered by some monster.
Posted at: 2024-05-29 23:43
Gabriel R.
oh my god really?! THAT'S SO TERRIBLE!
Posted at: 2024-05-30 08:28
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