Donny The Wolf Has Been Saved
Caption: Donny the wolf has been freed from his enclosure
Author: Wilma Irwin (AP)
Published: 2024-05-22 22:33 | Updated: 2024-07-13 02:30
Breaking news: Incoming reports state that Donny the incarcirated wolf has been freed back into nature.
The citizens of the Amodo family are shocked by this revelation, with one worried citizen exclaming: "DONNY! He has escaped!"

As this story evolves, Donny has been located on the north side of the Amodo town, wandering free.
Be free, Donny boy.
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Kaliegh Skrzypek - (Comment ID: 17)
Why'd you free him it took a lot of work to get him back, this put him in grave danger. I don't know what I would do if someone shot him!
Posted at: 2024-05-23 13:10
Who may or may not have set Donny free is currently only speculation at this point in the story
Posted at: 2024-05-24 18:19
Kotryna - (Comment ID: 21)
Comment deleted by user
Posted at: 2024-05-24 23:24
Edited/deleted at: 2024-05-24 23:28
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